Career Tools step by step Guide

Career Tools will assist you with creating that perfect CV, the Do's and Dont's of an interview process and preperation techniques for that all important interview.

step 1: Download a CV template if you not sure of the lay out

step 2: Build your CV page will help improve your CV or create a new one

step 3: Build your CV in detail is an article on creating your Cover Letter and CV

step 4: Interview Questions gives you an understanding of the type of questions

step 5: Interviewing Techniques will assist you with the interview


Use these tools:

  • spend some time - it will pay off
  • dont under estimate - everything counts
  • using these tools show that you have put the time in to applying for a position


They work:

  • our experience has proven that these tools help
  • candidates who have used these tools make their highering process run smoother
  • it is always good to improve where ever you can
  • it makes life easier for the potential employer

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