Build your CV the Preferred Way

Many candidates are unsure of how to lay out their Curriculum Vitae.

click here to download a CV Template

For more in depth detail click here for a detailed article on how to build your CV and Cover Letter

Candidates very often tend to add too much unneccesary information as well as use pictures, graphics, formats and layouts.

To assist our candidates from the word "go" we have created a template that is specific to all required areas of information that is generally requested in line with our clients expectations.Keep it simple but informative.

Below is a link to download a CV template, it is user friendly and straight to the point. Remember you can always attach additional information if you believe it is needed.

Click on the link below to start the download (click save as and rename it as you wish) - once downloaded you can either retype your CV or paste and copy the information into the relevant areas.

Remember to save the CV once you have completetd it. You can then apply for a position online and upload your CV you have just created.

click to download CV Template

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